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INDIA (West Bengal - Calcutta)August 2007, Shanno Babe inside the ring during a championship  in Kolkata. Shakila and Shanno are twins from a poor muslim family of Iqbalpur, Kolkata. . Inspite of their late father's unwillingness to send his daughters to take up  boxing her mother Banno Begum inspired them to take up boxing at the age of 3. Their father was more concerned about the social stigma they have in their community regarding women coming into sports or doing anything which may show disrespect to the religious emotions of his community. Shakila now has been recognised as one of the best young woman boxers of the country after she won the  international championship at Turkey in the junior category. Shanno is also been called for the National camp this year. Presently Shakila and shanno has become the role model in the Iqbalpur area  and parents from muslim community of Iqbalpur have started showing interst in boxing. Iqbalpur is a poor muslim dominated area mostly covered with shanty town with all odds which comes along with poverty and lack of education. - Arindam Mukherjee
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