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A. Kishan is a jugler from Andhra Pradesh now staying at Katputly colony. He performed in countries like USA, UK, France, Germany and Spain. He regularly performs in a resturant in Pahargunj area in New Delhi. New Delhi, India.  14.11.2009. Kathputly colony is a slum area in West Delhi. This slum seems like any other slum areas of modern India with dysfunctional electricity, non existing sanitation and poverty. As a part of Delhi, this is also ailed with water crisis. Large families live their lives crammed together in a single room with all the odds which complement poverty. One thing which differentiates this slum with any other is the people living in the colony. Nearly everybody in this slum is a traditional performing artist; and they have been migrating to this area for last 50 years from different parts of the country for a better livelihood. They are magicians, acrobats, jugglers, puppeteers, dancers and musicians. These artistes perform in star rated hotels, marriage ceremonies of the richer section, functions, and festivities all around the country and the world. Most of the artisans I met here, have performed in Europe and America but such opportunities are rare to come by. They struggle to keep their art form alive. They say that they don't get any help or support from the government for their basic needs and for the well being of the Kathputly colony -  though they have uphold the prestige of the country internationally. Polluted air, dirty alleys smelling of urine, colourful dress and sound of music characterise Kathputly colony, which is the one of its kind in India. Arindam Mukherjee
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