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Alamgir fighting with another elder boy who stole money from Almigir's pocket when he was unconcious the previous day after having few small pouches of brown sugar.  He is staying at Sealdah for last 6 years from the time he ran away from his home due to domestic violence and poverty. As per his version his father was a drunkard and used to beat his mother for no reason. His father even could not earn enough money to buy food for their big family. Due to this traumatic situation he ran away from house at the age of seven. Ever since, the Sealdah railway station in Kolkata has been his home. As far as company is concerned, he had not much reason to miss his family. There are around 500 children, from 5 to 16 years, who live in the premises of Kolkata's second largest train terminus. Most of them addicted to Brown Sugar and sniffing industrial adhesive Dendrite. They say they don't feel hungry if they take the drugs. Their presence is conspicuous, even in a place that registers an average footfall of 1.4 million on weekdays. Their activities cover a wide range, from begging, to pulling handcarts, to petty theft, to selling odds and ends on the platform or on trains. The money, earned or ill-gotten as the case may be, is spent in procuring heroin, brown sugar, cocaine, and tubes of Dendrite. Calcutta, West Bengal, India. Arindam Mukherjee
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