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Sushil Kaur is showing her photograph taken in 1984. The mob which attacked her house and also set her ablaze had come in search of her husband whom they wanted to kill but couldn't get hold of. She suffered a 65% deep burn. Her husband who was absconding for 15 days got psychic seeing her condition and died few years later of cirrhosis of liver due to excessive consumption of alcohol. She presently stays with her son at Tilak Vihar. Tilak Vihar in New Delhi is called the widow colony. Widows and children of the Sikhs who were killed in 1984 Sikh Genocide live here. Four thousand Sikhs were killed in 72 hours in Delhi alone but no body till date has been punished for such an inhuman crime. Illiteracy, drug addiction, child labour and immense poverty characterize the area. Twenty five years ago all the male family members above the age of 15 were killed and burnt, leaving their uneducated widows and children behind to suffer, even after 25 years. The present generation is jobless, steeped in alcoholism and have lost their directions in life. November 2009. New Delhi, India, Arindam Mukherjee
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